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Premium Wallet Holder Accessories

Premium Wallet Holder Accessories

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Tired of digging to the bottom of your bag to find your wallet? Look no further! This convenient Wallet Holder Accessory works perfectly with your Tote Bag.

This accessory is crafted with high quality plastic, and the attachment fits securely into one of the bag holes just like a charm and safely holds your wallet in place. 

You can attach the Wallet Holder to the inside or outside of the bag so you can keep your device handy at all times.

It’s great for the beach, pool, at sporting events, or anywhere else you take your bag! T

his accessory is compatible with all standard Bogg Bag, Simply Southern and other similar Tote Bags.

*Tote Bags are not included.*

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BOGLETS Bogg Bag Accessories and Charms  - Phone Case Combination

Stylish Touch!

You can customize and personalize your Tote Bag creatively, with different color combinations and accessories that you can use daily, keeping your bag well organized at all times.

BOGLETS Bogg Bag Accessories and Charms  - Wallet Holder Function

Why is it Practical?

Our Wallet Holder has more than one function.

It not only helps you protect and keep your wallet handy, but also helps protect and carry around makeup, chocolate bars, snacks, cookies, and many other items.